All items for January 2015

Playing Around in Marvelous Designer

I’ve been messing around with Marvelous Designer. It is a great cloth simulation software to achieve really nice results for clothing and fabric. Here is a quick image of a hoodie I created, the base mesh is a default avatar in MD4.

Nothing too crazy, but it is helping me understand how to properly setup garments and seam work. I plan to take the hoodie much further before I jump to a full character model.


Fume FX Fire Breathing Sim

I just wrapped up my fire breathing simulation using FumeFX and 3DS Max. I am happy with the overall results, especially with the initial splash impact of the fire on the cylinder. I ran into a bit of a challenge with creating clean render passes using “Render Elements” in the Scanline renderer– There are a few spots where the alpha’s get weird since there is a lot of overlapping smoke and fire in the sim.

FumeFX Fire Breathing Simulation from Aunmar Mohammed on Vimeo.

I plan on jumping to Marvelous Designer next to create nice looking clothing.