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Substance Texuring

Just finished a “Modeling Challenge” with a group of friends where we each model and texture an axe of our choosing. Here is what I did. Modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, and rendered using iray in Substance Painter. It’s definitely easier to create worn materials in Substance than it is in Vray. My next project will be to render a model I textured in Substance and use Vray to render it.


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Custom Vray Materials

It’s been long overdue since my last blog update. I’ve been working on a lot of realtime engine work at my job using Unity and Unreal. I’ve also had the chance to use Vray a lot more in both Max and Maya.

Most automotive work require perfect, clean materials, so I’ve been digging into creating custom, worn down materials in Vray. Here is a sample of a blue plastic material being worn down by rust and another with scratches. I’ve been getting into Substance Painter and Designer as well, so I will be posting those updates as I make progress.


Playing Around in Marvelous Designer

I’ve been messing around with Marvelous Designer. It is a great cloth simulation software to achieve really nice results for clothing and fabric. Here is a quick image of a hoodie I created, the base mesh is a default avatar in MD4.

Nothing too crazy, but it is helping me understand how to properly setup garments and seam work. I plan to take the hoodie much further before I jump to a full character model.


Fume FX Fire Breathing Sim

I just wrapped up my fire breathing simulation using FumeFX and 3DS Max. I am happy with the overall results, especially with the initial splash impact of the fire on the cylinder. I ran into a bit of a challenge with creating clean render passes using “Render Elements” in the Scanline renderer– There are a few spots where the alpha’s get weird since there is a lot of overlapping smoke and fire in the sim.

FumeFX Fire Breathing Simulation from Aunmar Mohammed on Vimeo.

I plan on jumping to Marvelous Designer next to create nice looking clothing.

Final 2014 Update

With just under an hour left in 2014, I wanted to make sure that I updated my blog with a WIP of a FumeFX project I have been working on. I got inspired from the fire breathing dragon in the Hobbit trilogy named Smaug. I am going for a ferocious fire breathing sim. No dragon models though 🙂 Just a particle system and a cylinder object for the particles to collide with. I plan to finish this project within the coming weeks, no thanks to the long simulation and render times!

This is a raw comp, no post work work yet.


An Update!!

Yes, I am just as surprised as you are, I finally got around to creating some personal work. I created a test simulation using FumeFX in 3DS Max.


When I am not working full time or on contract work, I like to play around with some simulation based VFX. I plan on creating a much higher detailed simulation of this flame thrower look.


FumeFX Test Sim from Vimeo.


I was hoping to add a lot more work that I have done in the lifestyle world within the past few weeks, but I picked up some contract work that has kept me busy for the past 6 weeks. Of course, contract work is always a good thing 🙂

I will be posting a lot of work that I have done for companies in the lifestyle and shoe apparel world. Specifically,  for companies like Vans, Skechers, and New Balance.